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The Catalog of Keiki Records

You can mail order these albums or, if they have a "Add to Cart" button, purchase them online through PayPal.

You can make a check or money order payable to Chris Groves and send to:
PO box 78116
San Francisco, CA

KEIKI005 Dealership TV Highway to the Stars
$10.00 Dealership: TV Highway to the Stars
KEIKI004 Secadora Little Pieces of Paper
$10.00 Secadora: Little Pieces of Paper
KEIKI003 Dealership Model Mortal 7" 
(7" Vinyl [these songs also appear on TV Highway to the Stars])
$3.00 Dealership: Model Mortal 7"
KEIKI002 Secadora Electric Third Rail Power Trip
$5.00 Secadora: Electric Third Rail Power Trip
KEIKI001 Dealership Secret American Livingroom
$8.00 Dealership: Secret American Livingroom